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Models for the New American Research University

For the past century, the American Research University has been an engine for the production and dissemination of new knowledge, creative expression, and economic activity. Today, the pace of technological change, new demographic and funding trends, and a climate of skepticism about the value of a college degree all pose important challenges. How will UD respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by these and other factors? This Working Group is divided into four subgroups, each looking to define how UD can become a model of the New American Research University.


University of Delaware's Campus

To access all available documents, visit our Ideas page.Community Review

The following documents have been issued for community review/feedback:

pdfReport Summary (pdf)
Issued 3/05/15

Academic Organization

pdfGraduate Education (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfHuman Resources and Research (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfUndergraduate Education (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfOther Issues (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfAppendix A (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfAppendix B (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfAppendix C (docx): Issued 2/02/15

Curriculum & Delivery

pdfOverview (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdf21st Century Faculty (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfDesigning for Learning (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfGeneral Education (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfNew College (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfCommunity Connections (docx): Issued 2/02/15


pdfOverall Findings (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfDiversity (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfResearch Innovation (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfPeople (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfUndergraduate (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfClimate (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfFacilities (docx): Issued 2/02/15

Resource Analysis

pdfMission, Vision, Values (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfDiversity (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfStructure & Process (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfWorkplace Climate (docx): Issued 2/02/15
pdfOpportunities (docx): Issued 2/02/15


Mark your calendar

Our working group will be engaging campus during the fall semester to develop ideas about what defines our UD model of the new American research university. We will hold open town meetings for the entire campus community, and our individual subgroups will be holding targeted meetings with campus constituents.

Town hall meeting schedule:

Campus members and units can provide input through these town halls, targeted meetings (by invitation), and by posting concept papers and ideas on this website. We look forward to your input!

October 13, 2014
10-11:30am, 104 Gore Hall

October 30, 2014
3-4:30pm, 106 McDowell Hall

November 10, 2014
5-6:30pm, 304 Gore Hall

November 18, 2014
10-11:30am, 233A Purnell Hall


Some general topics for our open town hall meetings include:

  1. What does higher education look like in the future? What strengths should UD leverage to develop a distinctive curriculum that prepares students to be lifelong learners?
  2. How might our academic and non-academic functions at UD be organized to most effectively achieve our mission?
  3. What key advances in infrastructure would allow UD to be more effective in supporting our students, staff, and faculty?
  4. Who are UD’s partners of the future? In what innovative ways might we engage with these partners?
  5. What distinguishes UD from other institutions? Of what should we be most proud?
  6. If you were to name one hope or aspiration for UD, what would it be?

Additional meetings by subgroup:

Group Members

Kristi Kiick, Co-Chair

Deputy Dean, College of Engineering; Professor, Departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Matt Kinservik, Co-Chair

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs; Professor, Department of English


Jack Baroudi

Associate Dean for Graduate and Executive Programs; Professor, Department of Accounting, Lerner College of Business and Economics

Jennifer Buckley

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Christopher Castillo

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Mathematical Sciences; President, Graduate Student Government

Clara Chan

Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences

Iain Crawford

Professor, Department of English; Director, Office of Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning

Tanya Gressley

Associate Professor, Animal and Food Sciences

Danielle Imhoff

Undergraduate Student (Senior), College of Arts and Sciences

Robin Marks

Associate Director, Career Services Center

Mary Ann McLane

Professor, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Tony Middlebrooks

Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration

Jeanette Miller

Associate Director, Delaware Environmental Institute

Beth Morling

Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Dana Veron

Associate Professor, Department of Geography and School of Marine Science and Policy

Carol Vukelich

L. Sandra and Bruce L. Hammonds Professor in Teacher Education, School of Education; Director, Delaware Center for Teacher Education


Jose Aviles

Director, Admissions

Kristin Bennighoff

Senior Associate Director, Honors Program

Emily Bonistall

Doctoral Student, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Jim Broomall

Associate Vice Provost, Professional and Continuing Studies

Meredith Chapman

Director, Digital Communications

Claire Griffiths

Undergraduate Student (Senior), College of Engineering

Fred Hofstetter

Professor, School of Education and School of Music

Paul Hyde

Manager, Academic Technology Services, Information Technologies

Kathleen Kerr

Executive Director, Residence Life and Housing

Del Levia

Professor, Department of Geography

Christopher Meehan

Bentley Systems Inc. Chaired Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

John Pelesko

Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Amy Shober

Assistant Professor, Plant and Soil Science

David Wilson

Interim Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations


Titus Awokuse

Chairperson, Department of Applied Economics and Statistics

Mohsen Badiey

Deputy Dean, College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment

Alan Brangman

Vice President, Facilities and Auxiliary Services

Jeffrey Caplan

Director, Bio-Imaging Center,  Delaware Biotechnology Institute

Jason Cash

Deputy CIO, IT-Network & Systems Services

Charles Garbini

Lab Coordinator II, Materials Science

Michael Gladle

Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Christina Hudson

Director, Planning   Operation Office of Executive Vice President

John Jungck

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences; Director, Dupont Science Learning Laboratories, Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory (ISE Lab)

Kelvin Lee

Director, DE Biotechnology Institute

Sandra Millard

Associate Director, Public Services, University of Delaware Library

Gerald Poirier

Laboratory Manager, Delaware Environmental Institute

Darcy Reisman

Assistant Professor and Academic Director, Neurologic and Older Adult Clinic, Department of Physical Therapy

Trudy Riley

Assistant Vice Provost, Research Office

Wendy Smith

Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration

Scott Stevens

Director, English Language Institute

Frank Warren

Assistant Director, Animal Care Program, Office of Laboratory Animal Medicine


Beth G. Brand

Development Office

Sharmayne Burnes

Business Officer, College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment

Doug Doren

Associate Dean for Research, College of Arts and Sciences

Francis Thomas Eleuterio

Institutional Research Analyst, Ofc of Institutional Research

Jim Falk

Director, Marine Advisory Service

Kenneth Jones

Alumnus, Business and Economics ’80, Alumni Association

Bethany Hall-Long

Professor, School of Nursing

Katie Holden

Financial Analyst, Office of the Provost

Xiaoxia Lou

Associate Professor, Department of Finance

Angelo Maurelli

Senior Associate Director, Athletics

Henry May

Director, Center for Research in Education and Social Policy; Associate Professor of Education and Human Development

Julie McGee

Curator of African American Art, University Museums

Jeffrey Palmer

University Registrar

Paul Pusecker

Senior Business Officer, College of Arts and Sciences

Tripp Shenton

Chairperson, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Yushan Yan

Distinguished Engineering Professor and Associate Dean, Research and Entrepreneurship, College of Engineering

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