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Grand Challenges, Great Debates and Big Ideas

The goal of this working group is to Identify areas of state, national or global significance where UD is best positioned to engage via consequential research, teaching and service initiatives using existing resources, new and existing alliances, and where we have reasonable opportunities on which to capitalize.

University of Delaware's Path to Prominence

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The following document has been issued for community review/feedback:

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Group Members

Nancy Targett, Co-Chair

Dean, College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment;
Director, Delaware Sea Grant College Program

Paul Brewer, Co-Chair

Professor, Department of Communication

Mike Bowman

Associate Director, Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships

Bintong Chen

Professor, Department of Business Administration; Director, Institute for Financial Services Analytics

Rachel Davidson

Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Marsha Dickson

Chairperson, Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies

Jennifer Wood Eddy

Doctoral Student, College of Arts and Sciences

Thomas Epps, III

Thomas and Kipp Gutshall Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Liz Farley-Ripple

Assistant Professor, School of Education

Colette Gaiter

Associate Professor, Department of Art

Cole Galloway

Interim Chairperson, Department of Physical Therapy

Mckay Jenkins

Cornelius A. Tilghman Professor of English

John Koshy

Master’s Student, College of Engineering

Chris Lucier

Vice President for Enrollment Management

Hilary Mead

Researcher, Delaware Education Research and Development Center

Blake Meyers

Chairperson, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

Matt Oliver

Assistant Professor, School of Marine Science and Policy

Lindsay Prettyman

Doctoral Student, College of Health Sciences

Michelle Rodgers

Associate Dean, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources; Director, Cooperative Extension Service

Joel Rosenthal

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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