December 3, 2014—For the last two semesters, UD faculty have had access to a “Monday Motivator” in an effort to increase writing, specifically of peer reviewed journal articles.

As academics, our strongest product is our publication record, preferably in the highest quality journals.
Unfortunately, the best journals also cost quite a bit, especially for color prints of high end graphical visualizations and for open access.

UD has a heritage of providing outstanding benefits in terms of health, wellness, retirement, and many other benefits which maximize the productivity of its faculty. If UD really wants to shine, then it would be very strategic to find some way of resourcing costs for publications, once they have been accepted; especially in the top journals. To compete in the international publication arena, the US is one of the few developed nations where academic scholarship is not a covered resource for its faculty. UD would really shine if it were to develop some financial mechanism for covering publication costs of peer reviewed journal articles and book publications.

A University-wide data base of all such publications would be much easier to compile if each publication had its costs covered through a standard university protocol. I can think of no better way for UD to SHINE in academic excellence than to provide the benefit of publication costs for any accepted peer-reviewed publication.

Resources to cover “open access” charges of existing publications is one immediately test UD could engage in to see what sort of benefits this approach may bring. Many journals that cost say $1000 to publish provide additional costs for open access (typically about $3500 in total or about $2500 more). The benefit of open access is a manifold distribution potential and a means for UD to market directly the many publications its faculty and students generate.

Right now each department is left to its own initiative to handle this critical product management task. A University-wide initiative provides a truly unifying resource that address the very heart of what academia is all about.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish follow up on this matter.
Respectfully submitted,

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