November 14, 2014—We believe that an Office of Sustainability will strongly enhance UD’s effort to achieve our sustainability goals as we move forward with the university’s strategic plan. It will serve as a catalyst to allow UD to join and then surpass its peer and aspirational universities as a leader in environmental stewardship and sustainability education, research, and outreach.

We believe that an Office of Sustainability will engage students, faculty, staff, and the larger community on issues such as mitigating climate change, transforming our sources and use of energy, and addressing economic and social inequalities that are the defining problems for current and future generations.

The functions of an Office of Sustainability are critical to achieving the goals contained within climate commitments that the University has signed and it would benefit every aspect of the UD community by providing support and coordination for current sustainability projects, as well as by expanding these initiatives into new areas.

For additional information on a proposed structure, implementation plan and support already gathered, please contact Becky Bronstein (

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