UD headed for the Ivy League

October 31, 2014—I believe that UD will become one of the first choices for a lot of students. I do believe that UD has the potential to become an Ivy League Institution.

Outsourcing trend in higher ed is troublesome

October 31, 2014—An outsourcing trend is occurring at higher education institutions, which is troublesome. Howard University recently outsourced their custodial services and new employees will no longer have an educational benefit. The removal of this benefit weakens...

Remove tuition!

October 29, 2014—I have a serious suggestion to make in response to both Harker’s and Grasso’s call for ideas on how to attract students in a future more competitive market with decreasing enrollment base: REMOVE TUITION! Make the University of Delaware...

Three ideas for distinguishing UD and enabling undergrads to shine

October 27, 2014—Maintaining the status quo by making minor adjustments to our curriculum and delivery to preserve an experience that is indistinguishable from that offered at hundreds of other U.S. colleges and universities is insufficient and unworthy of a...

Virtual technology needed

October 23, 2014—Virtual technology to allow students to bring their own devices and use any computer anywhere.

More Thought Leader nominations

October 21, 2014—More Thought Leader Nominations: Tom and David Kelley of IDEO, a design and innovation consulting firm (read the book “Creative Confidence”) Paul Krugman, American economist and New York Times columnist

Grateful for the new diversity I’m seeing on campus

October 20, 2014—I am not clear on to whom I owe this debt of thanks, but I am so grateful for the new diversity I am seeing on campus. Not only racial and ethnic diversity, but style and political orientation. While I am a “white” female professor, I have...